Bajaj Pulsar 200cc..


Bajaj Pulsar 200cc- Really Ahead…

Good Design ,Good Power,Digital meter,DTSi-Technology,

Max Power-18ps @ 18000 RPM

Max Torque-17.17Nm/1.75Kgm

Wheel Base-1350mm

Tyres-Broader 120/80 Rear Tyre ,90/90 Front Tyre.



16 Responses to “Bajaj Pulsar 200cc..”

  1. Good Bike its a Devil But a Huge one Tough to have a face to face cut as its long one but the power puts the road on FIRE..!!

  2. i love this bike iam first time ride this bike from my friend in this case i love thid bike ihave hero hond bike but ilove this bike after holi iam alos buy this bike thnx bajaj tum tarki paaa hooo

  3. its was sexest bike in india wats can i said about pulsar 200cc bike it was fully commplited bike thinx to bajaj auto mobile i l love the 200 cc bike of bajaj pulsa 200cc bike botest bike
    i love u bajaj pulsar 200cc

  4. NO COMMENTS……………

  5. what is the aproximate cost of this bike

  6. is it a heavybike if so will i b able to ride this bike
    if this bike falls and it get damage to any part this parts will b costly i hav heard that its parts r costly around 10 to 12 thousand
    if normaly this bike fallsits damage part costs 4to 5 thousand
    my wt is 50kg will i b able to ride this bike

    • if u know to ride u can
      i am 17 yrs old
      i am using a350cc 96 moel bullet
      my weigh is only 45kg

  7. which bike should i take apache ro pulsar 200cc

  8. i beat this bike wid ma karizma saeveral times….haha
    it is just look like a cycle when it faces d race wid kar….izma

  9. nothing to say , only feel it above 100km/hr but without helmet, only then will be able to feel wat is 200cc

  10. bajaj pulssar 200 is osam bike i love ths bike man its cool

  11. i ride dis bike @ 135km/hr……..nw wat can i say abt its performance……… is even gd dan 220 …..try it….on d other hand karizma…the son of 200……….sucks…i beat it when i was only @ 120km/hr

  12. #

    U know bro. I have a old apache n a karizma old n a pulsar 200 n n NEW YAMAHA R15, and n u know wht ma all these byks are amazing….
    is u say abt apache then i’ll say gr8 response of this byk wht i get to it. honestly its give a gr8 pleasure to me. U know it bought it 2 1/2 yr before. n i hav never seen a pinch of prob in it. DISk..disk’s response is gr8 u know in rain i hav find any trouble to ride this byk.. u talk abt pick up…initial is not gud
    but after 3 gear or above 40 km/h its give a terrible pick up.. i appreciate this byk bcoz everytym in race i used this byk n u know sumtyms i feel it is gr8 byk than pulsar….[I TALKED ABT OLD APACHE] so i juz wanna say u aal ppl tht change ur point of view for APACHE coz after 2 3 yrs later u all will juz wanna buy this APACHE [second hand] u all will undrstand itz value when u’ll find sumthing gud in it…….u all see negetive in it bcoz u think negative abt TVS but i have more than 3 BYKS……. i can say in all 150 segment APACHE done well enough coz i hav never expance for it i juz put oil in it n i hav never expence a extra rupee since today……!!!!!

    n if u say abt KARIZMA old……..i dont have words to describe..
    coz u all know wht it is……!!

    P200………its a amazing byk it is a gr8 among all PULSARS…
    n 220 can never been equal to it…..n for racing purpose….its a better choice……..!
    a gr8 thing is the response by this byk to given a rider…..ya u can say the posture of al pulsar is not look like a racer byk or doesn’t feel like the racer byk but the response is gr8….like ma old APACHE. i proud to be a owner to it………!

    YAMAHA R15 itz only 5 day older n i’ll say nything to it after 6 month…..bcoz i never use roughly ma byk untill its not cross 1500 km so wait……………….

    so the conclusion is this IF U WANNA RACE THEN GO FOR apache ol n new also N THE BEAST pulsar200……n i juz hate all pulsar except 200…….

    nn if u want stylish byk then go for karizma…….

    yamaha R15 is a gr8 byk….but i cant say nything untill i do not drive it roughly…..


    i hate al pulsar bcoz 2 n 3 yrs lyf in not enough……….ma apache going to be complete itz 3rd yr…n itz smooth lik a new byk n look lik a new byk tough a drived in race…….!!!

    I hate 220 bcoz it could never be compared wid karizma…..itz a BULLSHIT byk………!
    n karizma…..gr8 byk…..

  13. pulsar 200 look good but after 1 years there seems problm so company should think abt tht

  14. I AGREE TO THE ABHINESH COMMENT.All are shits once i was riding pulsar it started vibrationg then i chose the apache RTR i felt like awesome riding in this ,really mind blowing performance , PULSAR runs because of its advertisement nad looks , the stunts performed can happen only with the experts after occuring accidents , where as in APACHE IT IS REAL FUN TO DRIVE IT WAS ALIFE SAVER , NAD MOREOVER ITS ROADGRIP IS AMAZING THANKS ALOT TO TVS MOTOR COMPANY fro introducing this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. Pulsar-220 is good with some sporty look,but it is very different bike than other sporty bike just like Karizma is cool n sexy bike,

    GMC engines

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