CBZ Extreme…


So here comes Hero Honda Motors with a new product that it advertises as the CBZ Xtreme. Taglines like “Blink, and you will miss it!“, or “Once you see it, impossible to forget!” hyped the product up, like never before. If you had followed the Indian biking scenario, and saw this kind of advertising, you would be thinking the CBZ Xtreme to be at least a quarter-litre bike delivering 25+ bhp (One wouldnt expect litre class bikes from HH, after Honda has entered India on its own).

Ah! But that is the twist in the story. The CBZ Xtreme is a bike in the 150cc class, which is.. the same class as the original CBZ was! Shaking your head in disbelief? Dont, not yet! There’s more to it.

First, the power – reportedly a increase to….14bhp(from 12.62)! Didnt you jump with joy? No? Not even for that extreme hike in power? Well, never you mind, I have more info for you to jump with joy on


14 Responses to “CBZ Extreme…”


  2. i like cbz xtreme ……………………

  3. leave off the edge

  4. iam in a great confusion to get the new CBZ-Xtreme r not…
    Any suggestions guys…

  5. i need to know more about hill friendly such as kodaikanal bikes

  6. i like cbzzzzzzz d most n i love cbzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. i love this bike it’s my fav bike

  8. I want to purchase a Bike and I like CBZ extreem model but my friends sys that this bike give you less miliage. Pls give me suggestion It correct information or not.

    • What milage you are expecting ?

  9. OMG enjoyed reading your article. I submitted your rss to my reader!!

  10. friends,

    i want purchase a bike ,. i’m confused between cbz xtreme and suzuki gs .. which is a better choice ??

  11. its my bike and its like me

  12. its to sexy

  13. its a bad bike- poor average.

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