Hi, People

We have noticed that people are coming to us and asking for used bike or some people want to sell their bikes ….So we are now Trying to provide you a Platform where u can Purhase and sell your bike ……..

If you have something …Please provide all the details(Bike) and Your Contact No. and Name..So that People can contact you on the Same…


7 Responses to “USED BIKES…”

  1. Hello, i am looking for a used Yamaha YZF-R125.Please send me any information that your can provide me with.
    Thank you so much

    • This bike is only available in Europe..

  2. hi iam roy and iam looking for a used two wheellers like FZ16 R15 , TVA APACHE FI 160, BAJAJ PULSUR 2007 MODEL, OR KARIZMA 220CC 2007 MODEL PLZ SEND ME ANY DETALIS OF THE BIKES THAT U CAN SEND ME

    • hi i am ronnie.i want sell my R15,its a god vehical bu i had a intrest in ninja.

      • @ Ronnir

        Please Mention all the details abt the bike , including the price that u wanna sell.

  3. i want to buy a used R15 can u please help

  4. hi
    am raj and am having yamaha fz16…but i need to get to get a gud r15 or r125…if any one is planning to sell then please let me know…mail to please

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