Yamaha R15…

All new R15_Racing Yellow>

Rumors of Yamaha entering the 150cc range of sport bikes is getting bigger by the day, the new motorcycle would as the story go’s be the Yamaha YZF-R15 a 150cc full fairing motorcycle, with the highest horsepower engine (22hp) in its class at a dry weight of just 120kilo.If the rumors are correct, then Yamaha will take the crown in the 150cc range from the Honda CBR-150R. The Yamaha YZF-R15 is supposed to be a four-stroke, liquid cooled single cylinder, 4-valve SOHC, 149.8cc engine with oil-cooling and electric fuel injection.

To quote an insiders at Yamaha the Yamaha YZF-R15 would be a real R-series and is packed with Grand Prix technology. The Yamaha YZF-R15 will deliver stunning R-Series styling and exhilarating sports performance. A highly sporty constant mesh, 6-speed transmission system, with Yamaha own wet sump (Yamalub) lubrication system.

The chassis is a high tensile steel deltabox design, familiar to what we seen with the Yamaha YZF-125 and the Yamaha GP250 bike. The rumor of the Yamaha YZF-R15 tells that this radical, high-revving, fuel-injected 150cc is the work of the same engineers who created our YZF-R1 and YZF-R6 supersport bikes and the YZF-R15 is capable to deliver stunning 150cc performance. 

R15, A 150cc Bike .Yamaha Have a Plans to launch this Bike in India with in 6-8 months from Now. I had a word with Yamaha’s Manager in AutoExpo2008-We will  launch this bike in India within 6-8 months. According to them the Price will be arround 90,000-1,00,000Rs  Thats a good Start by Yamaha,I am sure that This will Kick-up every Bike on Road.Now it is time to grab the maximum fun out of life with the Yamaha YZF-R15. This radical, high-revving, fuel-injected 150 is the work of the same engineers who created our YZF-R1 and YZF-R6 supersport legends and is packed with MotoGP tech. The YZF-R15 is here to deliver stunning R-Series styling and exhilarating sports performance because life is a sport, to be enjoyed to the max. The Yamaha YZF-R15 is smallest member of the R-series, with all aspects this bike including its engine and chassis technology feels like its a racer.

The Yamaha YZF-R15 is equipped with liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-valve, single cylinder, SOHC 149.29cc engine. The engine is a 52mm bore and 58.6mm stroke with a impressive 11.2:1 compression ratio.

Yamaha is using for the Yamaha YZF-R15 the new for all 2008 motorcycles electronic Fuel injection fuel system. And the ignition is don by TCI system.

We can also see changes in the gearbox of the Yamaha YZF-R15, the constant mesh, 6-speed transmission, with wet, multiple-disc coil spring clutch, feels like it want to go, it is clear that here some of the MotoGP technology was used. The final power transmission to the wheel is by good old chain and sprockets.

The chassis of the Yamaha is basic, it would be better if Yamaha did some more improvements on the frame. The complete stability of the steel deltabox frame is quite good and overall road handling is pretty impressive, especially with the improved telescopic fork front suspension and the swingarm – monocross rear suspension system. The front suspension has about 130mm travel and the rear suspension 125mm by Yamaha specifications.

The Yamaha bike has both front and rear a single disc brake, for front Front tyre Yamaha uses a 100/80-17 M/C and for the rear wheel it is a 130/70-17 M/C tyre.
All things said I feel good about this 126.5kg-130kg bike, if you looking for something else then a scooter or light motorcycle I can surely recommend this little blue speed devil.


131 Responses to “Yamaha R15…”

  1. I am a great fan of Yamie.. owner of Yamaha Libero 106CC bike..
    I have started to love YAMAHA from people’s dream and unbeatable machine: YAMAHA RX100.. Now i will be very much happy to purchase Yamaha 150 cc motor cycle if it is in market.. I love YAMAHA 😉

  2. the cost is very high and u didn’t give the mileage of that. any way middle calss also wants to use that if the cost is between 60-70 thousand then every one can use it. because mainly the moiddle calss families are high in using the bikes rather than the poor one and high class one

  3. yahama is going to launch a very attractive and altimate bike,some feature are unique,but price is too high.All class family will not be able to buy this bike,so contemplate on its price..

  4. yahama is going to launch a very attractive and altimate bike, ‘YAMAHA YF R15’,some feature are unique,but price is too high.All class family will not be able to buy this bike,so contemplate on its price..

  5. I own a pulsar 150. I was seriously thinking to move to Pulsar DTS-FI this month. But when I heard about this Yamaha r15 I choked. Its a deadly machine and the very best in the 150cc segment. If the specs are true it’s worth the every penny we pay. So ready to grab it as soon as it hits the market.

  6. This is a kickass.. I think Yamaha have woken up in India and finally ready to kill the competition. I’m a YAM fan and still loyal to my RX135. I would defnitely like to get a better YAM but unfortunately there is’t a good bike as of now. But this is good news to me and many other YAM fans. Yamaha… keep up the good work and lets see some of thse bikes rolling fast… Don’t mind spending a lil more money that can fetch a NANO… I’m all for it… Waiting……….

  7. Hi tis is melvin .
    i own a hero honda karizma .
    but by seeing tis bike i was very amazed about this .
    she is perfomin a good speed .

  8. when the r15 going to be launch

  9. Hey this is a fantastic news i am very happy i knew YAMAHA will come up with something which will kill every single thing on road..!!! i owe a R7 2003 model good to hear yami is launching R15 now just wait for it to buy…!! Thank You Very Much YamahA For The Bike and Mine Really Rocks I have a Problem With The Chain Soc in my bike Could You Help Me as I am Not Sure i Will Get The Orignal Parts Here My BIke is imported From DUBAI….!!

  10. What will be cost ????

  11. i love power bike

  12. I have always been a fan of yamaha, I own a yamahan RX135 one of the few last produced (Dec 2002 model). With the announcement of R15 I guess I would sell of my RX135 and get this new biking beauty.

  13. @MICKEY
    I’ll Suggest u to wait till November’08.Donot sell ur bike right now. Because Yamaha is launchin two bikes ,So you will have to decide which one will suityou. R15 or Fazer , Both the bike have great looks. So wait till November.

  14. pradeep
    i m great fan of yam… i ll surely go for this one.. this looks great mam…

  15. but when it is launching in india

  16. tummare bhas ko ata

  17. @ Khan

    R15 is launching in india between june -july’08

  18. when it is lauching in Nepal.


  20. I own pulsar 150-dtsi.i dont like its performance and think of going for other 150 models..iam a fan of RD350 and i want yamaha to be back..its not possible if R15 price is too high and it will just be a dream bike for most of them..

    COME ON DA……….

  22. hi guys am yam fan nd i would suggest u to take that beast

  23. Dear
    Yamaha Company

    Plz Launched this bike as soon as possible because all are bikers waiting for this bike to be launched in India and we can rush this bike in JABALPUR roads we don’t care about money that how much we have to pay just want

  24. gud look but it is jus 150 cc and costs high(close to 1.1 lac)…….

  25. Jayasankar:it is a very good bike.i like it.

  26. Hey really itz amusing but only 150 cc, but the looks are attractive

  27. wen this bike ll b launched.plz reply to us.

  28. this is a master piece

  29. 2nd to none

  30. hi … i am fan of YAMAHA BIKES mostly RX-series.
    i heard about 150cc sports bike,i really wished 2 buy . Its cost and milege relation is problem . I AM trying to make money to buy it

  31. Yamaha is just stunning, there is no bike that can be compared with this. Other companies have to struggle hard to compete with this. Yamaha R15 is just stunning and too much sexy.

  32. I really want to buy this byk.. i made bookin of pulsar 220 two days back n jus today i came to knw about this byk,

    I loose my bookin money and decided to buy YAMHA R15.

  33. I really want to buy this byk.. i made bookin of pulsar 220 five days back n jus two days back, i came to knw about this byk,
    and finally I decided to buy YAMHA R15.

  34. i saw this bike at the auto expo 08 and i just couldnt differentiate it from the R1. it was amazing such a gr8 design in 150 cc bikes. this is going to be costly for the indian bikers but i consider for some fun u have to spend some bucks. im luking forward for it.

  35. well man, there is too much to say about this byke, but let me cut it short…lets didtinguish fact from fiction

    we are not certain when the byke shall be launched. the showrooms are not open to any booking, so i dont see it arriving in the indian market before 1st week of july.
    and yes, the byke is spectacular.let me list some of the features
    150 CC
    front rear disc brake
    12 litres tank
    bharat stage 4 standard
    liquid cooled engine (Now thats a new one)
    top speed of 145KM/hr
    cruise speed of 135 km/hr
    mileage around 35-40 in city
    BHP: that is yet to be confirmed, expected to be around 20 by the experts.
    front rear solid tyres
    weight: 120 Kg

    The byke is sheer power. the tyres may seem too punk, but MRF designed it especially for this byke. so, i guess it shall be safe even with that speed. thin tyres makes handling easier and the tyres are made of soft rubber, promising a fantastic grip. If you have any queries, u can mail me at subham_eightyfour@yahoo.com

    just keep the rubber side down man…ur life is worth more than speed.


  37. Guys i love yamaha as much as you guys do, however i will wait for another 6 months before i buy one, as there will chnages made to the bike for better looks and performance too, they are planing for a split seat and a short exost too, wait is worth

  38. I love yamaha since i have bought a yamaha gladiator.The bike is really superb in terms of handling,cornering,power and mileage.I love my bike very much and thanks to yamaha motors for making this superb bike


  40. ihave a honda hunk bike i am very abset listen the yamha r15 bike me change the bike and buy the bike

  41. hey! thats cool yamaha rocks im agreat fan of rx100 & rd350 i owen rd350 .yamaha is back……………..

  42. give me address of dealers in mumbai

  43. really good unlike other 150 cc bikes r15 rocks

  44. PRICE OF YAMAHA R 15 ON ROAD IS 1,08000.00 @ coimbatore for 17BHP
    engine the cost is much higer

  45. hey,my name is viren chandanshive.I m engg. student.Now i have yamaha rxz but this r15 is dam goodlooking sportsbike.I specially thanks yamaha to launching this bike in INDIA.This bike has very good look as compared to hero honda karisma,pulser220.Its price is too high but its look great.One day i will definatly buy it.I m wating for the launbhing of this bike.

  46. yahama is back now i am wating this moment i am bike lover my first love rx 100 yahama me jo hai kisi me nahi hai aur apne dekha deya

  47. i own a gladiator and it rocks!!!!!! my brothers own rx135 they rock tooo.. now yzfr15!!!!! it kills!!!!! pumps up adrenaline levels!! 1 lac for a 150cc when others are at 50-70k??? yup!!!!! technology matters… no one gives a 17bhp 150cc engine with great looks and a yamaha sticker on the tank is all worth it… YAMAHA ROCKS!!! Stop biking!!! Start Sport Biking!!!! The king is back in business

  48. Hi my name is Sreekanth , i am doing my Research in Aerospace Engineering at IIT Bombay, I own an Yamaha RX 135 5-Speed bike .its almost 5 years old and still the enthusiasm to ride it remains unabated. Yamaha has stood for its motto. “Touching your heart” it certainly has touched mine .The R15 is hot ,i think it has got the prefect looks for a sports bike ,the configuration of the engine seems extremely good .The Top end of 145 km/hr and a cruse speed of 135 km/h seems that it cam breathe fire with a little effort like most Yams in R series . I eagerly await the launch of this YAM.!!

  49. well a 150cc version quite similar to pulsar, cbz, or apache would have been quite competitive on the price level, cos the price tag which yamaha has put is too high, if it was around 60,000+ it would have been a hot cake , since the price is so high n the fuel costs r rising day by day we see the prices of petrol may to 100 per litre, so if thses things r considered, may be it will become a real hot selling bi, what yamahas advantage is their engineeringbefore endng i would just like to say ( business profit ke kiye kiya jata haiayr profit wohi hai jo sabka ho)

  50. Ohhhhhhhhhhh wat a byk. YAMAHA thanx for launching this byk on 25 june.But the price is too high for middile class people so i request u to decrease some price (70-80) then u can grab indian market.In the same way when u defeated BAJAJ’S ELIMINATOR by launching YAMAHA ENTICER then u can grab this indian market so start decreasing ur price. Well to be frank, i culdnt able to book this bike coz of its pricing. No doubt looks r damn gud when complare to others by this only YAMAHA can grab half of te indian market but i think they want to grab complete indian market then they need to decrease der price.


  51. it looks stunnig.am dieing to buy it

  52. i m a fan of yamaha bikes & i want to know that why r15 delay in launching? can you provide me the full specification of r15 with expected price.

  53. cost is high…but the bike is too…………….smart and attractive

  54. My review:

  55. prices is more 90000

  56. prices is very more
    so please lessthan 70000
    its good

  57. i am looking for a option for my pulsar 150 cc and i thing i got it,soon i will make the road crazy with this machine.

  58. Not all praise… but a cool review


  59. the car is awesome.but what will be the price

  60. zaldi launch karo na yaar….

  61. Mujhe english nahi ati thanks yama for this bike lekin plz iske rate thode kam kar dijeye isse apko bhi fayda hoga jo shreekanth and anirudha ne kaha hain wo sahi hain plz iske rate kam kar dijeye knuke mere jaise 1000 ladko ye bick kharedni hain

  62. Team,

    I want to know more abount this bkie and looking for this bike. So please contact me As soon as possible….

  63. I own a Pulsar 150cc bike and planning to buy Karizma next month. When I came to know about r15, amazing performance and great looks… It will be mine……. very soon 🙂

  64. it z too costly than the other bikes in group of 150cc…….

  65. Great Bike with great style…
    Price could be the only factor which may create some problem for normal peoples to purchase it.
    Otherwise its damn gud.
    Good Luck R-15

  66. hi am shruti , am mad about yamaha my boyfriend have r1.the r15 is so stylish,so sporty n sexy.ilove yamaha

  67. I love the 2stroke bikes from Yamaha. But when i test rode the Gladiator and Libero, they are the worst bikes i ever rode. It was an insult to Yamaha. An old TVS 50 is enough to beat a Gladiator. But now after checking the pics and the specifications of the R15, i feel that the Rear Tyres are very thin and as the bike is only 120KG, it will not have Road Grip. So i would suggest you to take a Test Ride and not to just go in by looks.

    – M MOTHA

  68. the bike is mind blowing ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh crazy bike but price is very high. veer

  69. i own a gladiator and it rocks!!!!!! my brother own rx135 they rock tooo.. now yzfr15!!!!! it kills!!!!! pumps up adrenaline levels!! 1 lac for a 150cc when others are at 50-70k??? yup!!!!! technology matters… no one gives a 17bhp 150cc engine with great looks and a yamaha sticker on the tank is all worth it… YAMAHA ROCKS!!! Stop biking!!! Start Sport Biking!!!! The king is back in business. gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………..!

  70. I saw 1 of it today, it’s mindbloing.But it’s price is quit not resonable. I’m loveing it.

  71. its loking sweet lady

  72. Whatz the mileage of thz YAMAHA YZF R15

  73. hai this bikes looks are so good n best tooo what is the milage of this bikes

  74. I love the yamaha bike could you pls tell me the price of yamaha YZF R15 in nepal

  75. In India the x-showroom price of Yamaha R15 is Rs.97,000/- and on road price will b 1,07513/- (which includs registration, Insurance and taxces.)

  76. nice shape well design bike

  77. u have not mentioned the milage of the bike, n when this bike is going to launch, n i want to also say that the price of the bike is very high if u will c b look then price is ok but for 150 cc i think so its very high

  78. looks very well,but tyres are very small, it is unconfortable

  79. looks very well, require more colours

  80. more well, but not comfort for doubles

  81. Price is RS 01,04,000 on road

  82. hi i am syed hyd i am also satified about the price its so high u can see bajaj 220cc the price is around 81000 to 88000. is to much in yamaha more then bajaj becoz yamaha has been lunch 149.8 & that price is to much man i am not satified from that price.

  83. me subrata, its look is sexy but the rate is high.so its not possible to bear such a high amount..contact me 9970858100…

  84. HI, this is pavneet here from mumbai. i have booked a yamaha R15 and the delivery is on 25 july.I have seen a R1 and going for that.If anyone interested in buying R15 please contact me at 9987740404.

  85. I love yamaha i own rx 100 i think its a 1994 model and i heard abt r 15 i am very happy i like to have one for me i will definately buy r 15 pls u can down the price of it thanks to yamaha motors pls release the bike as early as possible YAMAHA…

  86. thnx yamaha i thnk first time in world wide launch lowest cc byke
    in lowest price!!!
    m a huge fan of yamaha byk!!!!

  87. haiiiiii guys…
    m goin 2 buy this defitnity……wanna knw howz it maillage plzz tell me……no matters how it might b d mai’e…….

  88. Ha ha. funny thing about indians. We pay two hundred percent tax on vehices but also we don’t find it expensive. But, indians feel that yahama r15 is expensive.

  89. R125 will be popular than R15

  90. think b4 you buy its worth it or not…………..

  91. its good to see r15 but its millage & its cost is much high middle class pepole canot buy so plz try to make by low cost & make millage up 50 to 60

  92. hi this is fatalroz form from Napal Kathmandu I heard about R15
    actually at here we all are waiting for this bike R15 sooo plzzzz

  93. The R15 is rely damned good…its my future bike..thanks yahama company..n what’s the price of R15….

  94. plz send me address of all da dealers in mumbai. also on road estimated price inclusive of all tax

  95. if you want to MODIFY R15 for bigvalves
    goto http://www.yzfr15.com/

    🙂 engines of r15 is common here in asia

  96. its really hot bike and now i balieve tat all guys loving pulsar with definitely shift to R15…..

  97. Hey Pal

    Fulfilled my dream of owning a YAMAHA R 15 ON 11 Aug 2008 the day Bindra earned a GOLD MEDAL.Oh man, hwat a machine! UN BELIEVABLE.

  98. hi! iam ayan.i brought this byk yesterday. its wonderful byk.its the best byk of the year………

  99. it cost around 110700

  100. call me at 9347068518

  101. I m A.s Limbu From Nepal and i have always hoped and prayed for some brand companies to launch an affordable + sports look bike. thanks YAMAHA ..this is what we bike lovers have been waiting for…..a full sporty looks, speed and milege……..thanks once again

  102. plz plz plz yamaha people change the tyers of the bike ,only the tyers r the worst thing in this bike rest all is good

  103. iam going to buy a R 15 by this week… BUT i all ready booked by last week… iam very crazy in yamaha rx 135 but now i dint have that bike after that i get pulsar 180 and my second bike is krishma now iam going to sale my krishma for r 15 but krishma is a very good bike in look and engine.. iam like r 15 only for its a brand YAMAHA and its fully loded thats wy…

  104. plz tell us all the features of this bike like total speed, looks and send a picture of this bike with all the pauses front back side, i really want to buy it so plz send as soon as possible.and also tell me abt 250 cc of yahama r15 or any other bike.reply soon

  105. if this bike cost me around 70000 to 80000 than i will definateley buy this because my parents didnt agree to buy a bike which cost more then 70000 but i will make them agree the reason being that yamaha is the favourit co. of my father because he has won a yamaha bike 15yrs back the market price of which is 60000 at that time and he has won it in 400.RS. and the bike has gave very good result to my father when ever my fathe talk about bikes he always prais yamaha co. and told about his old bike at last i would like to say that their is not any compiditer of yamaha in whole world and no one can develop the Quility like yamaha

  106. Pls change the text color

  107. hi tis is ramesh here R 15 is really rocking and on sep 18 yamaha is launching one more bike called yamaha zf but R 15 is superb iam planning to but it by next week

    count downs starts………………..

  108. i’m a grt fan of r15 & want to buy it but its price is tooooo high …. for a middle clss person…….
    yaar 60-70 k beech mein koi aise bike nikalooo……..

  109. r15 ka rate kuch kam karooooooooo……….

  110. hi m i know about the millage of r15 it is very good bike yar
    i m waiting for purchase

  111. i dont find the exact prise and mileg of r15

  112. hi iam nijin, price is very high so pls upgrade to 250cc i will buy, 250cc = price very good……..

  113. its not work in kerala with this price iam sure…. bcoz pulsar 220 already in the roadwith reasonable price and they will launch another 250cc + yamaha specificatns + reasonable price i think,, so i wiil wait for pulsar250cc + sportylook and if not i buy 220cc pulsar and i model it look like sporty like yamaa r15 …ITS VERY EASY TO DOIN KERALA KOIMBATORE (REMODELLING )

  114. yahama R15 is costly to purchase. But I liked the bike, it is really well designed. Tis amazing sporty look differentiates it from other bikes like Pulsar or Karizma. So if u can reduce its price, surely all guys will go for this one, or upgrade it to the 220cc machine.

  115. its really hot bike and now i balieve tat all guys loving pulsar with definitely shift to R15 ………… IS BEST COMPATIBLITY I TOO LOOKING TO BUY R 15

  116. very costly bike & not a good bike also…

  117. i buy this r15 but im not satisfied with this bike…………engine is only 150 cc thats not enough………….piz tell me when 250cc nike of yahama is coming to india……….


  119. price chai kati ho ni yo bike ko neppal maa!!! 2 lakh bhanda dherai ta pardaina hola ni

  120. I have 2 Yamaha R 15 & i ride daily with bike n wife

  121. hey looking really very cool bike… i find some colors for r15…


    is this true or just fake??

  122. i wana buy this bike i try meny time to colombo show room they not responce well about quation i am at doha qatar ill back on sri lanka next month plzz some one healp me to send quation for my eamail address remo_lado@yahoo.com thanks

    • @remo
      this bike cost u INR 1,04,000…..you can buy ths bike any where in india……..plz chec in sri lanka as well …definately will be there….thnx for ur question……hope you will come again here……

  123. bike is supereb n speed is unbelievleale in low cc…..i love this bike………….my r 15

  124. yeah the bike is good but its not for indian roads the alloys and tyres are of very poor quality as compared to others.

  125. i got one..n m proud of it

  126. I found this site using [url=http://google.com]google.com[/url] And i want to thank you for your work. You have done really very good site. Great work, great site! Thank you!

    Sorry for offtopic

  127. i am planning to buy a yamaha r15. some of my friends said that it is good in performance & speed and some others said me it is bad what would i do . PLZ GIVE ME ANY COMMENT IS IT GOOD OR NOT??????????????????????????????????????????????/


  129. yamaha r15 is looking very good

  130. i like yamaha r15 but it’s tyres are very thick

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